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It’s been awhile since we updated this blog but thanks everyone for still continuing to support us! Much ❤ to you guys.

Anyway, here’s an update on our stocks for you guys, we still have stock for everything BUT the nail polishes and mascaras are moving pretty quickly so HURRY! Get them now!

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Love make-up, love Eyeko…


Nail trends for Fall/Winter 2011

23 Aug

In the last post, I highlighted some trendy make-up looks for this season and in this post, the attention turns to nails!

I think during Fashion Week, there was a general trend of more elaborate nail art. I’m guessing that this trend started when OPI released their Shatter range of top coats a few months back. Suddenly, girls realised that they no longer needed to have typically pretty and safe French manicures. It’s okay to have deconstructed yet polished looks on their nails. This means yes to intricate or even cutesy nail art but to still keep it looking haute, make sure that it’s kept within a dark palette and restricted to three colours max. Think tuxedo-inspired looks like the one below instead of cutesy strawberry prints.

Cute, no? See how the black and silver chrome shades keep it from looking too kitschy?


Here are a few more interesting looks that keep to the two-toned trend:


A single accent nail painted a different colour from the others.


Models rocking the red-and-black nail trend.

If you want to try this look, I recommend combining Eyeko’s Saucy Polish and Eyeko Cosmic Polish (SGD9.50 each) for a more interesting look. The Saucy Polish is a classic red that doesn’t get clumpy and goes on smoothly. Two coats are all you need for a rich colour. To get the black tips, use the Cosmic Polish to add a subtle shine. The Cosmic Polish has a midnight black base colour infused with little flecks of multi-coloured glitter which shines subtly under bright lights.

Coral tips:

Another look I love. It’s easy enough to try on your own at home but edgy enough to get people talking. It’s kind of like the reverse white base, black tip French Manicure that was so popular last year but less severe. I really love the contrast of clear polish and neon pink polish. For those of you who aren’t able to rock neon pink tips at work, you could try toning it down a little with Eyeko’s Coral Polish. It’s a punchy pink shade that can help bring some leftover summer cheer into Fall look. For more details on Eyeko Coral Polish, click here.

Red nails:

Red nails at Sue Wong. Proof that naughty red nails never go out of style. See? It pays to invest in a bottle of Eyeko Saucy Polish.

Opal nails:

And this is my favourite look of all! I don’t know how they did this but I’m loving the opal effect of the nail art. Marbled nails were in for awhile last year and this is a similar look but more refined – a look you can wear to the office.

(All pictures from Fashion Week taken from www.nailsmag.com)

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Graffiti Eyeliner sold out

19 Aug

I guess you guys really really like the Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen. It’s already sold out! Not to worry, we have already placed our orders for MORE.

In the meantime, I thought you guys might like some ideas on how to get this season’s hottest looks with Eyeko products. Make-up trends for this season as spotted by www.ourvanity.com.


(Photo credits to http://www.ourvanity.com)









For those of you who saw the Fall/Winter 2011-2012 runway pictures, you would have noticed that nude make-up is all the rage now. The runway looks were all about contradiction. The rest of the face was kept nude and clean with minimal make up – save for a coat of mascara, and juxtaposed with a shock of bright colour on the lips.

To get this look on a tight budget, I recommend emphasising your eyes subtly with a coat of Eyeko Magic Mascara and a slick of Eyeko Liptastik in Lip Lover.

The mascara is a smudge-proof formula that stays put even if your eyes are prone to tearing up easily. Better yet, even though it stays on well, it’s somehow magically easily removed with just one wipe of make-up remover.











The Liptastik Lip Pen is also a wonder product that combines a lipstick, gloss and lip liner all in one nifty retractable chunky pencil. It comes in a bold scarlet shade that can be applied directly to the lips for a full-on bright pout or pressed on with your fingers for a subtler stain.












It seems to me like these looks never went out of style. Every girl still goes for trusty smokey eyes when it’s time to glam up! With Eyeko’s Line & Shine Duo Pencil, it’s all too easy to be bang on trend. This fat pencil comes with black glitter on one end and shimmery silver on the other. With its smooth creamy texture and rich colour, this liner also doubles up as a cream eyeshadow. Just be sure to use primer to prevent smudging before blending it if you want to use it as a shadow!

Black glitter on one end and Silver on the other












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Smoked eyes and thick eyeliner (below) ruled the runways too.

(Photo credits to http://www.ourvanity.com)


















(Photo credits to http://www.ourvanity.com)






Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner complements Bright Eyes!

15 Aug

My favourite YouTube make-up tutorial guru Jenn from Frmheadtotoe has uploaded yet another amazing look and this one is truly mind-blowing! I just love how she’s managed to blend such bright colours to turn it from a runway look to something totally wearable.

What I love about this look is how it can really brighten your face and is such a refreshing change from the usual black, grey, gunmetal smokey eyes. I think it’s particularly flattering for Asians with yellowish skin tones and it also makes the eyes really pop by bringing out the browns of our eyes.

Note also what she says, that she uses Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen in Jet Black (SGD11) to give more definition to her eyes because otherwise, all that colour would have totally overwhelmed her eyes. That’s one good thing about the Graffiti Eyeliner, it works well on its own – when you just need a swipe of liner for an everyday work look; as well as when you need to give more definition to your eyes after piling on more eyeshadow. It really helps to conceal the falsies band as well.

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Discounts for direct orders!

11 Aug

Some of you may have noticed that we are now selling Eyeko products at both Box Cube and Gmarket and the prices  have been the same so far for all three outlets.

Well, we’ve decided to show more love to our customers who order directly from this blog since we don’t have to pay pesky administration or rental fees here.


Here’s a rundown of the new Eyeko prices for our valued direct customers:

1- Graffiti Eyeliner Pen in Jet Black – SGD11

2- Line & Shine Duo Eye Pencil in Rock Star – SGD10

3- Magic Mascara – SGD16

4- Coral Polish – SGD9.50

5- Saucy Polish – SGD9.50

6- Cosmic Polish – SGD9.50

7- Liptastik in Lip Lover – SGD14

8- Strawberry Fat Balm – SGD14

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Do spread the word about the discounted Eyeko prices here. We assure you it is probably one of the cheapest prices around and it is definitely still cheaper than ordering directly from Eyeko itself.

The Make-up Blogette reviews Eyeko

10 Aug

I recently came across another Eyeko review by another popular make-up blogger and I just wanted to share  her pictures and comments about some Eyeko products with you. =)

About Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner:














She used some MAC eyeshadows and Eyeko’s Graffiti Eyeliner Pen in Natural Brown to get this look.

She said: “The tip of this liquid liner is so firm, it makes for really easy and precise application. the brown is also great for those who want subtle definition. I wore the eyeliner out the whole day yesterday, it is pretty much smudge proof, bearing in mind the humid and also rainy weather out…the eyeliner stayed on without fading.”











Note: She is wearing Eyeko’s Tea Rose polish in this picture which we currently do not have but continue reading to read what she has to say about Eyeko Coral Polish.

About Eyeko Coral Polish:










She had this to say about Eyeko polishes. “They apply very creamy and 2 coats give you true colour. The brush is also very smooth and the colour is true to how it looks in the bottle. I also like the firm brush and it is not flimsy despite the skinny bottle.”

She also described the Coral Polish as being more of an orangey red, a vermillion colour similar to OPI’s Atomic Orange.

To read the entire entry, click here.

To view the Eyeko products we have, head to our Beauty tab.












❤ make-up, ❤ Eyeko!

Potential Eyeko items?

8 Aug

Hi guys, first of all, thanks to those of you who have ordered from us. We’ve been getting several suggestions from you about some other products you would like us to bring in. So I’m going to put up some pictures of the other variations of the products we already have. Let us know if the other colours interest you. If there is a sizeable demand for it, we may consider bringing it in.

Meanwhile, to view the Eyeko products we have now, head to our Beauty page.

1) Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen

Right now we only have the Jet Black one but some of you have been requesting for the purple and brown so here’s some pictures to help you decide if you want these other colours.

I know some of you want the brown but the last time I checked with Eyeko, brown is no longer in production but I’ll check with them again during our next order. The purple and navy blue is also very popular overseas because they help create a brighter, more fun look.








2) Eyeko Line & Shine Duo Pencil 














And these are swatches of the other Line & Shine Duo Pencils. Currently we are selling the one right at the top. The Rock Star pencil which has black glitter on one end and silver on the other.

The second swatch is that of the Pop Star pencil which is electric blue on one end and teal on the other. Eyeko recommends using the teal over the entire eyelid and then using the electric blue as an eyeliner for a look that will really make the brown in your eyes pop.

The last swatch is from the Super Star pencil – electric purple on one end and plum on  the other. Plum is always a pretty look for laid-back Sundays!

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